Jun 192016



Yesterday we hosted one of the six UK Regionals this year for the Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG.  We had a fantastic attendance, with 36 people showing up from all over the country, as well as quite a diverse selection of warlords.

Standings after five rounds of swiss:

Rank Player Warlord Points
1st Alex Paddon Ku’gath 25
2nd Tom Preece Kith 25
3rd Daniel Scott Eldorath 20
4th Steve Clegg Mavros 20
5th Ryan Billington Mavros 20
6th Stefan Fotheringham Salaine Morn 20
7th James Lowther Zarathur 20
8th Varun Khetarpal Ku’gath 16
9th Sarah Eales Ragnar 15
10th Pehjmon Kamaie Anrakyr 15
11th Martin Smitherman Mavros 15
12th Adam Graff Eldorath 15
Ben Davis Worr 15
Robert Smith Zogwort 15
Shirin Hassan Mavros 15
16th Simeon Pollard Cato 15
17th Tim Pickers Gorzod 15
18th Tom Brown Ku’gath 15
19th Rik Hyde Subject Omega 15
20th Robert Arrowsmith Ragnar 15
21st Andrew Blackwell Subject Omega 13
22nd Mark Challenger Ku’gath 10
23rd Joe Davison Ku’gath 10
24th Darren Lawler Mavros 10
25th Cliff Orme Kith 10
26th Gareth Ingamells Ku’gath 10
27th Mike Clarke Kith 10
28th Andrew Southern Nazdreg 10
29th Matt Bancroft Zogwort 10
30th Paul Grimes Subject Omega 9
31st Alan Gaskell Nazdreg 6
32nd Ash Simpson Baharroth 6
33rd Loki Bateman Ba’ar Zul 5
34th Paul Wallwork Zarathur 5
35th David Turner-Jones Swarmlord 5
36th Tobias Baxter-Smith Anrakyr 0


Top 8

Alex Paddon (Ku’gath) beat Varun Khetarpal (Ku’gath)

Ryan Billington (Mavros) beat Steve Clegg (Mavros)

Tom Preece (Kith) beat James Lowther (Zarathur)

Stefan Fotheringham (Salaine Morn) beat Daniel Scott (Eldorath)

Top 4

Alex Paddon (Ku’gath) beat Ryan Billington (Mavros)

Stefan Fotheringham (Salaine Morn) beat Tom Preece (Kith)


Alex Paddon (Ku’gath) beat Stefan Fotheringham (Salaine Morn)







Congratulations to Alex Paddon for winning, and thanks to everyone that attended.  See you at nationals!


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