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Yesterday we had out Store Championship for A Game of Thrones second edition.  Fourteen players attended, so we did four rounds of Swiss followed by a top four cut.  Read on for the results!

Swiss Results

Rank Player House & Agenda Points
1st Rob Seymour Lannister (Sun) 20
2nd Mike Smith Lannister (Stag) 15
3rd Joshua Niemczyk Targaryen (Lion) 15
4th Karl Bown Stark (Fealty) 15
5th Rik Hyde Targaryen (Lion) 14
6th Steve Stewart Targaryn (Lion) 10
7th Matt Shaw Night’s Watch (Fealty) 10
8th Dan Gallagher Greyjoy (Sun) 10
9th Stefan Fotheringham Targaryen (Sun) 10
10th Darryl Kirk Martell (Rose) 6
11th Dean Coundon Stark (Lion) 5
12th Sam Wilson Lannister (Sun) 5
13th Jack Bateman Greyjoy (Lion) 5
14th Loki Bateman Night’s Watch (Rose) 0


Top Four

Karl Bown (Stark Fealty) beat Rob Seymour (Lannister Sun)

Joshua Niemczyk (Targaryen Lion) beat Mike Smith (Lannister Stag)


Joshua Niemczyk (Targaryen Lion) beat Karl Bown (Stark Fealty)

Congratulations to Joshua Niemczyk for winning the Store Championship in what was a very close final game. Interestingly, both of the winners in the top four beat opponents that had previously defeated them in the Swiss portion of the tournament.  Video footage of this game (and many other games from the tournament) will be available soon, links to follow.

Thanks to everyone that attended.  Special mention should go to the folks from Guys That Game in Stoke who made the trip over (and beat most of our local players!).

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