Sep 012015


The final week of the X-Wing Summer League is over, with some interesting teams being fielded, most of which contained new ships/upgrades from Wave 7.

This week’s tournament winner, Gareth, was using Deathrain loaded up with Cluster Mines, Extra Munitions and Assault Missiles.  This combination of upgrades wreaked havoc among enemy ships, causing them to damage themselves as they flew through the Cluster Mines, as well as the Assault Missiles inflicting lots of damage on the A-Wing swarm team.

Loki finished second this week with a Scum & Villainy team consisting entirely of 4 x Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing), with BTL-A4 titles, Twin Laser Turrets and Unhinged Astromechs.  These ships can dish out up to three attacks each!

I finished third this week with a team that was very much cult of the new.  I used Emperor Palpatine in a Lambda Shuttle; Darth Vader with title, Accuracy Corrector and Cluster Missiles; and Redline in his TIE Punisher with Fire-Control System, Extra Munitions, Plasma Torpedoes and Cluster Missiles.

This was the final week of the Summer League and the clear winner was Loki!  Congratulations to Loki, who received the winner’s medal, an X-Wing dice bag and an alternate art Dash Rendar.  He had a consistently good performance throughout the league, so it was a well-deserved win.

Rank Player Best Four Scores Total
1st Loki 9,9,9,8 35
2nd Tim 9,8,8,7 32
3rd Jack 8,7,7,7 29
4th Karl 7,6,6 19
5th Gareth 10 10
6th Carl 9 9
7th Owen 6 6
8th Rob 6 6


We are going to be running another X-Wing league in a few weeks time, with the day being changed from a Monday evening to Sunday morning/afternoon.  Keep an eye on our facebook group for more details!

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