Aug 052015


Our X-Wing Miniatures Summer League has started with some interesting squadrons being fielded, including two teams that were made up solely of TIE Interceptors!

Here’s the five Interceptor squad facing off against Scum & Villainy versions of Boba Fett and Kath Scarlett (minus one Interceptor by this point!).


Wedge Antilles and Han Solo go point blank against the three Interceptor list (which included Soontir Fel).


The Rebel team of Wedge and Han were victorious overall, but it came down to a very close fight between Han and Fel, the ships only having two and one hull respectively, with Han edging the battle.  Well done to Carl for winning the first week.

Everyone that took part got a lovely Recon Specialist full art promo.  Four more weeks to go with plenty of fights to be won and promos to be claimed!

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