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With the recent release of the Imperial Raider, as well as Wave 7, I decided that it was time for me to actually try using Huge ships and the rules for Epic.  I am an Imperial player and luckily I knew someone that had a large Rebel fleet as well as the CR90; Tony.  Neither of us had played a game of X-Wing using the rules for Huge ships, but rather than play using a more sensible number of points on each side, we went with 800 points each!

We set down a few rules regarding the structure of our respective teams. The first was that we obviously both had to include a Huge ship. The second was the idea of organising our ships into squads where possible. These squads would include one named pilot and two generics of the same ship type. For example, I took Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced, so to complete his squad I used two Tempest Squadron TIE Advanced. We both also had a few ships floating about that were independent of these squads (such as the Millenium Falcon).

We were going to be playing on a 6’x4′ board.  We decided for deployment that we would use the table corners.  Our deployment zones extended 2′ along each edge and 1′ onto the board.  This gave us a shortened L-shaped area to put our ships in.

Anyway, onto the team lists!


Raider-class Corvette (fore) [50]
Ion Cannon Battery [6], Sensor Team [4], Tibanna Gas Supplies [4], Instigator [4]. Total = 68pts

Raider-class Corvette (aft) [50]
Shield Technician [1], Tactician [2], Quad Laser Cannons [6], Quad Laser Cannons [6], Engineering Team [4], Backup Shield Generator [3]. Total = 72pts

Captain Kagi [27]
Sensor Jammer [4], Shield Upgrade [4]. Total = 35pts

Krassis Trelix [36]
Heavy Laser Cannon [7], Recon Specialist [3], Engine Upgrade [4]. Total = 50pts

“Whisper” [32]
Gunner [5], Fire-Control System [2], Predator [3], Advanced Cloaking Device [4]. Total = 46pts

Darth Vader [29]
TIE/x1 [0], Cluster Missiles [4], Veteran Instincts [1], Engine Upgrade [4], Accuracy Corrector [0]. Total = 38pts

Tempest Squadron Pilot [21]
TIE/x1 [0], Cluster Missiles [4], Accuracy Corrector [0]. Total = 25pts

Tempest Squadron Pilot [21]
TIE/x1 [0], Cluster Missiles [4], Accuracy Corrector [0]. Total = 25pts

Soontir Fel [27]
Push the Limit [3], Stealth Device [3]. Total = 33pts

Avenger Squadron Pilot [20]
Stealth Device [3]. Total = 23pts

Avenger Squadron Pilot [20]
Stealth Device [3]. Total = 23pts

“Deathrain” [26]
Enhanced Scopes [1], Extra Munitions [2], Assault Missiles [5], Cluster Mines [4], Twin Ion Engine Mk. II [1]. Total = 39pts

Black Eight Squadron Pilot [23]
Enhanced Scopes [1], Extra Munitions [2], Assault Missiles [5], Cluster Mines [4], Twin Ion Engine Mk. II [1]. Total = 36pts

Black Eight Squadron Pilot [23]
Enhanced Scopes [1], Extra Munitions [2], Assault Missiles [5], Cluster Mines [4], Twin Ion Engine Mk. II [1]. Total = 36pts

“Howlrunner” [18]

Academy Pilot [12]

Academy Pilot [12]

Night Beast [15]

Academy Pilot [12]

Academy Pilot [12]

Backstabber [16]

Academy Pilot [12]

Academy Pilot [12]

Mauler Mithel [17]

Academy Pilot [12]

Academy Pilot [12]

Rexler Brath [37]
Heavy Laser Cannon [7], Predator [3]. Total = 47pts

Colonel Vessery [35]
Heavy Laser Cannon [7]. Total = 42pts

TOTAL COST = 800pts

xwingepic 004

Imperial Deployment


CR90 Corvette (fore) [50]
Tantive IV [4], Tactician [2], Ion Cannon Battery [6], Quad Laser Cannons [6], Sensor Team [4], Gunnery Team [4], Backup Shield Generator [3], Gunner [5]. Total = 84pts

CR90 Corvette (aft) [40]
Raymus Antilles [6], Quad Laser Cannons [6], Engineering Team [4], Comms Booster [4]. Total = 60pts

Dash Rendar [36]
Determination [1], Autoblaster [5], Homing Missiles [5], Mercenary Copilot [2], Engine Upgrade [4]. Total = 53pts

Han Solo [46]
Outmaneuver [3], Cluster Missiles [4], Lando Calrissian [3], Chewbacca [4], Millenium Falcon [1], Engine Upgrade [4]. Total = 65pts

Tycho Celchu [26]
A-Wing Test Pilot [0], Assault Missiles [5], Squad Leader [2], Hull Upgrade [3], Marksmanship [3]. Total = 39pts

Green Squadron Pilot [19]
A-Wing Test Pilot [0], Assault Missiles [5], Deadeye [1]. Total = 25pts

Green Squadron Pilot [19]
A-Wing Test Pilot [0], Proton Rockets [3], Marksmanship [3]. Total = 25pts

Horton Salm [25]
R5-K6 [2], Proton Torpedoes [4], Advanced Proton Torpedoes [6], Ion Cannon Turret [5], Hull Upgrade [3]. Total = 45pts

Gray Squadron Pilot [20]
R2 Astromech [1], Proton Torpedoes [4], Ion Torpedoes [5], Ion Cannon Turret [5]. Total = 35pts

Gray Squadron Pilot [20]
R2 Astromech [1], Proton Torpedoes [4], Ion Torpedoes [5], Ion Cannon Turret [5]. Total = 35pts

Ten Numb [31]
Fire-Control System [2], Ion Cannon [3], Proton Torpedoes [4], Proton Torpedoes [4], Swarm Tactics [2], B-Wing/E2 [1], Weapons Engineer [3]. Total = 50pts

Dagger Squadron Pilot [24]
Fire-Control System [2], Autoblaster [5], Proton Torpedoes [4], Proton Torpedoes [4]. Total = 39pts

Dagger Squadron Pilot [24]
Fire-Control System [2], Ion Cannon [3], Proton Torpedoes [4], Flechette Torpedoes [2]. Total = 35pts

Luke Skywalker [28]
R2-D2 [4], Advanced Proton Torpedoes [6], Veteran Instincts [1], Shield Upgrade [4]. Total = 43pts

Red Squadron Pilot [23]
R2-F2 [3], Proton Torpedoes [4]. Total = 30pts

Red Squadron Pilot [23]
R7-T1 [3], Proton Torpedoes [4]. Total = 30pts

Wedge Antilles [29]
R5-D8 [3], Advanced Proton Torpedoes [6], Swarm Tactics [2], Shield Upgrade [4]. Total = 44pts

Rookie Pilot [21]
R7 Astromech [2], Proton Torpedoes [4]. Total = 27pts

Rookie Pilot [21]
R5 Astromech [1], Proton Torpedoes [4]. Total = 26pts

TOTAL = 790pts

xwingepic 003

Rebel deployment

xwingepic 007

Start of game

Turn One

During the first turn there were no casualties, but both sides rushed towards one another.

xwingepic 009

Just a few maneuver dials!

xwingepic 010

Same for the Rebels!

xwingepic 011

The ships are underway

Turn Two

This turn saw the first casualty; Horton Salm, killed by an Academy Pilot (well, finished off at least!). The Y-Wing squad in the middle of the board took a pounding from the TIE Punisher squad and two of the TIE Fighter squads. The TIE Interceptors exchanged pot-shots with the Millenium Falcon, managing to strip most of it’s shields in return for two damage to one of the Avenger pilots.

xwingepic 017

Lots of Imperial ships are converging on the Falcon

Turn Three

Unsurprisingly, lots more casualties this turn. The first ship to go was an Academy Pilot, one-shotted by Ten Numb in his B-Wing. Next to go was a Rookie Pilot, gunned down by a combination of Whisper and Colonel Vessery. Another of the Y-Wing squad fell to the TIE Punishers, with one of the Punishers being finished off by the Tantive IV’s first shot of the game.

One of Ten Numb’s B-Wings was destroyed by the weight of TIE Fighter fire (Backstabber lived up to their name, rolling four attack dice into the back of the B-Wing, scoring four hits!).

Despite it’s toughness, the Millenium Falcon fell prey to the barrage of shots directed towards it, eventually being finished off by an Academy Pilot under the watchful eye of Howlrunner.

xwingepic 026

The battlelines converge

xwingepic 027

Backstabber lines up a shot on an unsuspecting B-Wing

xwingepic 029

The Falcon’s days are numbered

Turn Four

Yet more casualties this turn, with Luke Skywalker being the first one to go. Darth Vader shot at him, removing the last of his shields, but Krassis Trelix got the killing blow, destroying him with his Heavy Laser Cannon. Who knows what Vader thought about that!

Another Academy Pilot was gunned down by a B-Wing; probably revenge for the loss of their squad-mate last turn. Deathrain was taken out by the Tantive, adding another kill to it’s tally.

A Y-Wing wandered into range of the Raider and was swiftly destroyed. One of the Red Squadron Pilots was blown apart by a Tempest Squadron TIE Advanced; those Accuracy Correctors were lethal.

The final casualty of the turn was perhaps the most significant; Wedge Antilles died to TIE Fighter fire. Things were not looking good for the Rebels!

xwingepic 032

With the Falcon gone, Wedge was left open to a lot of fire

xwingepic 033

Luke faces down his father’s squad then gets sniped by Krassis

Turn Five

Relatively few casualties this turn, but the battlelines were totally mixed now. Another Academy Pilot was blown up, this time by Dash Rendar. His allies avenged them almost instantly, with Colonel Vessery taking apart Dash’s ship with his Heavy Laser Cannon.  Meanwhile, the Tantive IV is sustaining a withering amount of firepower.

xwingepic 040

The CR90 and Raider engage in a game of chicken

Turn Six

Again, very few casualties this turn, with another Red Squadron Pilot being gunned down by Krassis Trelix. In retaliation, the Rebels direct a lot of firepower his way, nearly destroying his Firespray. Meanwhile, the Tantive IV has a crippled fore section, and the aft is reduced to two hull!

xwingepic 046

The Tantive IV is surrounded

Turn Seven

Misjudging just how close my TIE Phantom was to the Tantive IV, it crashed into it and was destroyed (it only had one hull remaining). Krassis Trelix got his comeuppance and was gunned down by Ten Numb.

The Tantive IV finally went down, with Rexler Brath getting the killing shot. Not to be outdone, the Raider blew apart an A-Wing and X-Wing that came within range.

We ended the game there, as the Rebels had few ships remaining. Victory to the Empire!

xwingepic 050


The game lasted 6.5 hours, including setup and packing away. It was worth it though! Epic was a lot of fun and I was happy to get my Imperial Raider onto the table. Winning was of course nice, but I think the experience would have been great even if I had not won.

Playing a game this size taught us a few things. The first was to properly account for the varying pilot skills among your own ships, as we ended up bumping into our own models on many occasions.

The second point was to probably not include loads of upgrades, as chances are that you will probably forget about them during the game. That being said, next time we are going to play a game this size, we are going to have multiple players on each side. That way, there is a better chance that upgrades and skills will be remembered/used properly.

Looking at our respective team lists it was obvious that most of my ships were generally leaner with regards to upgrades. I think that it helped me out, as I had twenty-seven ships to his eighteen. I think that a typical Empire list is going to have more ships thanks to the cheapness of the humble TIE Fighter, but it’s always possible that Rebel teams might flood the board with Z-95 Headhunters. For anyone playing Epic games, I would recommend that they try out the squad system we used; it was fun and added a bit of flavour to the game, rather than just a wall of faceless minions.

This game was a lot of fun. Thanks to my opponent, Tony, for a great game and for bringing the 6’x4′ game mat. I definitely want to play more games of Epic in the future, particularly as the Gozanti-class Cruiser is due for release later this year/early next year.

Hope you enjoyed the report.



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