Aug 232015

After week three of five of our Warhammer 40K Conquest Summer League, the scores are incredibly close. Currently Tim is in the lead on 38 points, with James L and Gareth both only 1 point behind on 37. Then there’s a small drop down to Rik, me and Drew, all of whom still have a chance at the title. Just two more events to go, and with the top four scores only counting, it’s still wide open. Because you’re only allowed to play each Warlord once, could it be that Tim, James and Gareth have already played their favourites and have to play a Warlord they don’t like for the last two tournaments?

Tim 38
James L 37
Gareth 37
Rik 30
Karl 30
Drew 27
Loki 25
Rob 19
Joe 8
JD 8
Owen 7
James G 7

Aug 102015



For this tournament I decided to go with a warlord that I have not yet used in a competitive environment; Urien Rakarth.  He receives a lot of negativity in the online community (I am sure that some of you are already laughing at my choice of warlord) and whilst I freely admit that Packmaster Kith is a much stronger choice, leagues like this are a good opportunity to try out the less-used warlords, particularly as the stakes are quite low.  Anyway, onto the decklist!

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Aug 032015

Since 2002 A Game of Thrones has been a great success for Fantasy Flight Games. A 2-4 player Living Card Game, it’s been through several expansions and now it’s time for 2nd Edition!

FFG have cleaned up the rules, streamlining the game, and are about to release the new edition in the next few weeks in the UK. If you can’t wait to see what the excitement is about, local card guru Rik has proxied up the new release and will be providing training sessions at the shop this Friday and Saturday. Why not come along and see if you have what it takes to rules Westeros?

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Jul 312015


The Great Devourer has been released at GenCon and spoilers are now floating around the internet, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to have a look at the fourteen non-Tyranid cards contained within. For fun as well I am going to give them a rating between 1-5, just so that I can look back on this article in the future and laugh about how wrong I was!

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Jul 302015


It has been just over two months since my last tournament, so it was good to get playing competitively again. If I am being honest, I have hardly played any games of Conquest since playing at the regionals we hosted back in May.  I managed to get a few games in during the week before our Summer League kicked off and was reasonably happy with the Baharroth deck that I had made, so decided to use that .

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