Apr 02

Two new deck-building games

If you like deck-building games such as Dominion and Ascension, two new releases in the shop.

The DC Deck-building game features more than 50 well known DC and plays quickly for 2-5 players. It’s £29.99.

Legendary is the Marvel deck-building game. With over 500 cards including Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man 1 to 5 players can play cooperatively or competitively. It’s £49.99.

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  1. Neil Denny

    I have bought Legendary – picked it up while working out in America – and it is great fun. I strongly recommend it. The price point is high for a card game but you will have so much fun playing it time and time again that you will soon forget that.

    I play this with my 5 year old son and he gets it (after a few games) so if you have a young’un who wants to play along then again, this is the game you want.

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